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Postcards From Planet Gunsmoke. . .

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November 12th, 2005

10:21 am

Title: Mad World

Rating: K+

Pairings: None

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November 11th, 2005

04:04 pm - teh smirkeh
Title: smirk MILLIONS
Author: _tehriah aka PinkFalcon :D
Rating: PG, just to be safe
Summery: Thirty Trigun drabbles written for 30_smirks. Xposted about a hundred times. -_- All about young Knives, Vash, crew...manga-verse. Some anime implied. A little. Not really. >.>

strikethrough text + boldiness + dotty things = extreme boredom creativity :D


smirk MILLIONSCollapse )

OMG so many :O

tolerance .:. annoyed
summer blues .:. Donnie Darko OST : Mad World

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October 27th, 2005

04:58 pm
A few of us were RPing last night and I got an idea for an "Oops!"-themed drabble. My thanks to lilithisbitter for supplying Knives's line. ^_^ Post-series, cross-posted to 100bullets.

Title: Morning Sickness

Rating: T

Pairings: None

Words: 179

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04:39 pm - written for nothing in particular

Millie is peeved, and the object of her fury is in for a world of hurt. XDD

Title: I Am Big Girl, Hear Me Roar

Rating: K+

Pairings: Implied Wolfwood x Millie

Words: 515

a cookie to whoever finds a reference to teh GUIDECollapse )
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October 24th, 2005

09:01 pm

Knives takes Legato to psychotherapy for his eating disorder. OOC hilarity ensues.

Title: Knives Tries

Rating: T

Pairings: None

Words: 372

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Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated

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October 20th, 2005

02:45 am

This was written in about five minutes; obviously I must suffer from sleep deprivation. Cross-posted to 100bullets.

Title: A Most Unusual Predicament

Rating: T

Pairings: It's a secret!

Words: 140

why oh why do i insist on cutting all my drabbliesCollapse )
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12:10 am - OMG SO SNARKY :B
"Lately you've been on my mind." challenge

“I know, baby, I know.”

Wolfwood’s low voice caught Millie’s attention. Frowning, she found herself drawing near the slightly ajar bedroom door.

“I’m working you too hard, huh? Sorry. You’ve just been on my mind lately...”

Wolfwood was sitting on the bed, his back to the door as he lovingly caressed something Millie couldn’t see.

“You’re so beautiful,” he cooed. “I can’t keep my hands off you. I wanna kiss every one of your sweet little—”

Millie was shocked. “Mr. Wolfwood!”

A startled gasp. “Millie!”

And the Punisher lay between them, naked and gleaming in the priest’s lap.

falling from| relaxed
i will be singing| Trigun The 1st Donut OST : KNIVES

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October 19th, 2005

11:06 pm - so scareh o.o
"Get your hands off my woman!" challenge

The bulb was irreparably broken, but the glass was still sharp. Inside the silhouette of the plant stirred, her many cherubim wings fluttering weakly. Her wide, slitted eyes were terrified.

“S’all right, girl,” the scientist cooed. He was careful to keep his movement as slow and deliberate as possible. His partner stretched out a hand to gently smooth the sweaty hair matted to her forehead.


The cry was more of a howl. The two scientists turned, startled; a blonde man was darting through the jagged hole, light blue eyes blazing with unsuppressed hatred.

“Get your hands off my woman!”

falling from| weirded out
i will be singing| Trigun The 1st Donut OST : BIG BLUFF

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October 18th, 2005

07:01 pm - i'm on a roll

Title: Bringing Home the Bacon

Rating: K+

Pairings: Vash x Meryl, but only incidentally

Words: 294

Written in response to the challenge "Bringing Home the Bacon" on trigun_shots, and supplies the all-too illuminating reason why Meryl never writes home ...

click here to find outCollapse )
Current Mood: relievedrelieved

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October 17th, 2005

02:51 pm - i'm not done yet!

Inspired by one of Meryl's lines in TRIGUN VOL. 1 ... cookies for whoever guesses correctly!

Title: Material Girl

Pairings: None

Rating: K+

Words: 173

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Current Mood: amusedamused

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