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trigundrabble is a community where writers are encouraged to post 100 word Trigun fics. Any and all writers and writing styles are accepted here, with the exclusion of those things mentioned in the rules below.

This is a friendly community. We're not here to snark you behind your back on our ljs for being a bad writer, bait you into doing something to get yourself banned, or otherwise hurt you as a writer or personally. Also, we will do our best to negotiate all disputes fairly, and in all cases except the three mentioned below, banning is only a method of last resort.

The Riot Act (AKA the rules, read them or weep later)

NO TROLLING. This means don't flood the main page with your own drabbles just to push someone else's off. This means don't post here in a disruptive or hostile manner. This means do not pick fights with other members. This means do not post anything here to Fandom Wank or your own lj for mockery and derision. This means do not post images of tubgirl or goatse here. In other words, no trolling means just that, and it's an instant ban if you're caught.

NO posting of shotacon, lolicon, or chanslash. This is the other bannable offense, simply because shotacon, lolicon, and chanslash involve children and are hence illegal child porn. It breaks the LJ TOS and the law in my home state, so for my personal legal safety and the community's safety, I will instantly ban anyone who posts it and delete the post.

NO plagiarism. This is the third and last immediately bannable offense, for obvious reasons.

Do not post Mary Sues/Gary Stus (i.e. OC romance drabbles or "oh so special" OCs), scriptfics, CYOA drabbles, or crossovers. This isn't a bannable offense, unless you do it repeatedly after being warned not to, but any such posts will be deleted.

Please pay attention to spelling and grammar. This is not ff.net, and although you will not be banned for failing to write like you have literacy levels near that of a monkey, you won't recieve much praise for it either and you may get concritted.

Review Policy:

If you post to a drabble, be nice. Please do not flame the writer. Constructive criticism is allowed (i.e. "I don't think Legato would bounce around singing 'Oops, I Did It Again'") while flaming (i.e. "You suck. Are you stoned?") is unwelcome.